Minimally Invasive Treatments

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is an antimicrobial treatment of the infection that causes tooth decay. It is a painless medicine that is painted onto a decayed lesion on a tooth. SDF can also be used to relieve tooth sensitivity. It is one of the most beneficial treatments for the prevention of cavities and spread of cavities to other teeth– it changes the biofilm of plaque in the mouth. It also helps to prevent decay caused by dry mouth.

SDF works by being absorbed into the cavity-causing bacterial cell to disrupt cellular metabolism that leads to the death of this bacteria. In other words, SDF kills the germs responsible for causing cavities. SDF will leave behind a black scar in place of the active decay- this is a visual sign that SDF has worked to stop the decay.

Many patients can benefit from SDF treatment! Children who are fearful of having dental treatment can postpone restorations, often avoiding the need for deeper sedation. Multiple cavities can be treated at the same time with SDF during a check-up appointment; this buys patients and parents time by significantly delaying decay growth. Once the source of the disease is under control, scheduling future appointments for restoration can be easily done without the fear of more extensive treatments due to bigger cavities.

SMART (silver modified atraumatic restorative treatment) filling

A filling material called glass ionomer cement (GIC) is used for this treatment. A SMART filling utilizes the chemical interaction of the silver fluoride with decayed tooth area which produces a hard tooth structure that strongly binds to GIC. GIC also strengthens the tooth by releasing minerals into the tooth and surrounding area. The anti-cavity effects of both the SDF and GIC will serve to prevent recurrence and incidence of new decay and provides an excellent restoration-- all without the need for numbing, drills, or sedation. 

Hall stainless steel crowns

This conservative technique can be used to place stainless steel crowns on posterior baby teeth without the use of any local anesthetic, needles, or drilling. Deeper sedation methods are also not needed with this restoration. Hall technique is an excellent restorative method for a durable stainless steel crown and a great prognosis. 

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