Cosmetic Dentistry for Children and Teenagers

Tooth Colored Fillings

For small-to medium-sized fillings or to fix a chipped front tooth, Dr. Pacella only uses tooth-colored, mercury-free fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are strong, durable, and attractive and will keep your child's smile beautiful and pearly white.

ICON Treatment

Dr Pacella utilizes resin infiltration for white spot lesions.

White spot lesions (WSLs) on the front surface of teeth can be distressing and occur frequently. ICON's revolutionary resin infiltration system has been proven for a range of indications, including mild-to-moderate fluorosis, and has been shown to effectively mask white spots on the smooth surfaces. It is a less-invasive solution to treat white spots in just one visit!

White Crowns

Dr Pacella offers beautiful, natural looking white crowns for her patients made of a very durable materal called zirconia.  Zirconia crowns will keep your child's smile sparkling white!

Whitening Treatments

Dr Pacella can recommend appropriate whitening products for your teenager.  For purchase, professional whitening systems are available for convenient at-home whitening treatment.





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